Rise in Investments

The Indian real estate market, spearheaded by developments in Maharashtra and many other states, is expected to hit Rs.11610 billion by 2030. After agriculture, real estate is the second largest employer in the country and is predicted to grow at a 30 percent rate over the next ten years.

Purchase of Residential & Commercial properties

The ever-increasing demand for urban/ semi-urban accommodations and corporate office spaces is the real game-changer in the real estate industry. E-commerce, IT, and retail have registered high demand and growth for the office space in the past few years, and the Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana are the game changers in the residential space. As a Company, we are aptly poised to benefit from this real estate revolution, by picking only the best properties for our clients.

Maharashtra has led this revolution for the past few years, and with expected returns of 12-19 percent in the next five years, this area remains the best place, esp. for commercial real estate investment in the country.  Aside from commercial and residential real estate, the retail and hospitality sectors are also making significant contributions in the infra space, in the country‚Äôs growing real estate needs.


Being one of the original divisions in our realty sector, Land Banking has since grown to be one of our many specialties. Trikaal INC. is in possession of aggregated parcels of land which are upwards of 100 acres. We took a step further and went on to acquire smaller parcels of land to not only better serve our large variety of clientele, but also to give our customers the advantage that comes from increased gains.

Over the years, the company has acquired and poised to acquire over 500 acres, but we do not plan to stop here. The current real estate market favors those who purchase land parcels outside of major city centres. Trikaal INC. currently owns plots in various locations including about 350 acres in Mangaon, an upcoming industrial hub, which are giving the company an extremely lucrative advantage in the industry.

Sale and Lease-back of property

We run our residential properties as serviced apartments. If a client purchases a property from us, they are allowed to lease it back to us on either a profit share or a fixed monthly rental fee. We operate on the concepts of trust and transparency and should any of our customers decide to use our sale and lease-back services, and our documentation will surely reflect these values.


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