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Trikaal INC offers investment banking services that are most convenient for clients. We deal in a wide range of financial products, making sure to thoroughly scrutinize each opportunity for its safety and exit strategies before presenting any ideas to our customers. We guarantee all of our investment banking services, and through leasing and loan raising, we use this investment service to help our clients, high net worth or otherwise, monetize their realty assets.


Deciding whether or not to take on an investment opportunity is not easy. Luckily, you do not have to do it alone. We created an entire company for this precise reason; to help those who choose us find and benefit from the best opportunities in the real estate market.

Before we recommend an opportunity for you, we take time and allocate the necessary resources to thoroughly and rigorously analyze the opportunity. We attend to each client's needs as if they were our only customer; with due diligence, respect, and patience. Before we advise them to make a financial commitment, we take the risk of diving behind the curtain and provide them with a detailed financial model, an analysis of the proposed opportunity, and sufficient measures in risk mitigation.

Investment in SRA

We saw an opportunity in slum rehabilitation because it is a safe bet, but we recommend this investment to our customers primarily because it contributes to the improvement of people’s standards of living. By investing in the rehabilitation of slums, we can help our clients as they lend a hand in the transformation of entire neighborhoods, helping create more opportunities for the future of real estate. Thanks to technology and development of new trends, investment in SRA is paying off more than anyone ever thought was possible.


Trikaal INC. shares any risk that clients and investors face in their investments. When selling a particular allotment, we make sure that the involved client is aware of the role we play. The company accepts any risk and responsibility that comes from a sell, hence sharing the burden with clients. We do this to gain the trust and contribute to our goodwill among those we serve.


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