About Us

Who we are : We are characterized by our flagship company, Trikaal Theatres & Realty India (P) Ltd. It is an asset holding and management company which is divided into three sectors; realty, investments and hospitality, and was established in 2007. Ever since, we have continuously and extensively grown as far as the realty and investment sector is concerned. We have a firm foundation made up of a team of dedicated professionals whose core responsibilities include ensuring all our products and services are of high standards.

What we do : We offer a vast range of services which are in compliance with the industry standards. Our investment segment focuses on providing a platform to buyers in real estate while providing them with solutions on how to manage these investments. We assure them that in doing so, our investors are bound to enjoy good returns and progressive outputs.

What we have accomplished : We can’t put a number on what we have achieved so far, but just to mention a few; we created a business model of two screen cinemas. As imaginary as that sounds, we did, in fact, turn that concept into a reality, with remarkable success. The cinema in question is Hindmata Cinema. For advancement purposes, we joined forces with Gold Digital Cinemas, a company known for its excellent reputation in this field of expertise. Together, we will spread this concept to various parts of the country.

We have plunged into Hospitality through luxurious Serviced Apartments which cater to the needs of traveling corporates. These Serviced Apartments are situated in various locations in Mumbai.

Core Values

TRIKAAL INC is all for excellent customer satisfaction. For us, customer care is not just a department in our company; it forms the entire organization. As such all our core values aim at achieving customer gratification. We are committed to providing efficient and exceptional service to our clients. Our customers have, in turn, rewarded us with loyalty, and that is what we work for. We maintain a dependable and reliable profile since we started and for the years ahead.

The TRIKAAL Advantage

Value investment: We are vigorously seeking any and all undervalued stocks for our clients because this way, they get to reap maximum benefits and walk away with superior returns. With that in mind, we avail boutique investment opportunities for everyone, more so individuals and small groups. On top of our advising and planning services, we also extend an offer of minimum returns and sometimes invest in the proposal altogether.

Domain expertise: Efficiency being one of our core values, we invest heavily into getting all our facts and figures right through proper research. It is this research that has helped us in planning our investments specifically in assisting us to decide which investment option generates the best results for both the company and our clients. With all these data and statistics, we are very flexible to market changes in demand and immune to bad decisions.

Principles and trust: We've proudly upheld our principles and ethics since we launched this company, and not once has it been deterred. Without the clients, there is no business, and that is why we always put the needs of our customers before everything else. It is this high level of principle that we have managed to remain business with even our pioneer investors; because with time we have given them reasons to trust us, and so can you.

Resourceful Networking: We are continually working with our team to get our clients a better platform for networking, as we do the same. As for us, we work on reinforcing our company-clientele relationship and persistently pursuing opportunities, to establish and maintain new connections. This is a sure way of growing and standing out in our industry.


About Us

Core Values

The TRIKAAL Advantage

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