About Us

TRIKAAL INC represents all the companies under the Trikaal group. The focus of TRIKAAL INC has always been on long-term value investing aimed at maximizing profits for investors and self.

The flagship company Trikaal Theatres & Realty India (P) Ltd. is a growing asset holding & asset management company which structures the participation in three verticals - realty, investments & hospitality.

TRIKAAL INC has a strong partnership-oriented culture and we believe in working closely with entrepreneurs, corporations, asset owners and service providers to achieve mutual success. We always look to invest in businesses and opportunities that have a strong nexus to the Indian sub-continent.

Core Values

TRIKAAL INC is all about doing the right thing and create value and higher returns for our investors. We strive to do so in all our endeavors and building opportunities with long-term value rise and all-round solutions.

The TRIKAAL Advantage

Value investment: TRIKAAL INC seeks to consistently generate superior risk-adjusted returns for its partners over the long term.

We offer boutique investment opportunities for individuals and small groups and do not have a mass customer base approach. Further, we do not just advise or structure transactions, but go a step further, by either offering minimum returns and/or investing in the proposal together.

Domain expertise: Thorough research goes into planning our investments, be it in the realty, hospitality or allied sectors. The research we conduct has helped us narrow down investment options that have yielded excellent results for the investors and allowed us to exceed expectations. Our expertise is a result of the in-depth vigorous research we perform and that is what allows us to stay one step ahead in the game. We use our knowledge to our advantage and plan our projects specific to the changes in the market demand.

Principles and trust: The principles we follow have been clear and unhindered since the commencement of our business. Our belief has always been to put the investor first. We build our business on trust and hence we are in business with our oldest clients. At TRIKAAL INC we make sure that we retain our clients and that our goodwill fetches us more business and expands our clientele.

Resourceful Networking: We believe in strengthening relationships with clients to help our business flourish. Seeking opportunities and establishing connections for growth wherever possible is what we thrive upon. It is important in this industry to have a well manoeuvred network and that is what allows us to reap benefits and look forward to a brighter future.


About Us

Core Values

The TRIKAAL Advantage

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