About Us

Who we are : We are characterized by our flagship company, Trikaal Theatres & Realty India (P) Ltd. It is an asset holding and management company which is divided into three variables, namely; realty, investments and hospitality, and was established in 2007. Ever since, we have been continuously and extensively growing in the realty and investment sectors. Our team of dedicated professionals in our core responsibilities ensure that all our products and services are of high standards.

What we do : We offer a vast range of services in value investing which are one of the best among the high industry standards. Our investment segment focuses on providing a platform to buyers in real estate while providing them with solutions on how to manage these investments, assuring them that in doing so, our investors are bound to enjoy good returns and progressive outputs.

What we have accomplished :We are pioneers in and have created a successful business model of two-screen miniplexes /cinemas and container cinemas, thus providing affordable entertainment to the masses and raking in decent profits for the Company. We have more than 60 screens currently up and running across the country in 6 different states, and have synergised bour strengths with the Gold Digital Cinemas, a company known for its excellent reputation in this field of entertainment.

Hospitality has been another core competence, and we have successfully operated luxurious Serviced Apartments in various locations in Mumbai, which catered to the needs of traveling corporate clients.

Core Values

TRIKAAL INC is all for excellent client satisfaction. For us, customer care is not just a department in the Company; it is the core of the entire Organization. As such all our core values aim at achieving customer gratification. We are committed to providing efficient and exceptional service to our clients. Our customers have, in turn, rewarded us with loyalty, and that is what we work for. We maintain a dependable and reliable profile since we started and are committed to carry forward this culture in the years and decades ahead.

The TRIKAAL Advantage

Value investment:We vigorously seek any and all undervalued stocks for our clients to reap and realize the maximum profits and take away superior returns. With that in mind, we offer boutique investment opportunities for all our clients, more so the individuals and the small groups. On top of our advisory and planning services, we also offer minimum returns and sometimes invest in the proposal altogether.

Domain expertise:Efficiency,timing and security being one of our core strengths, we invest heavily into getting all our facts and figures right through proper research, before taking the plunge. It is this research that has helped us in planning our investments specifically and in assisting us to decide upon which investment options which would generate the best results for both the Company and our clients. Though backed by data and statistics, yet we are very flexible to the mood of the market, which insulates us against bad decisions.

Principles and trust:We have proudly upheld our principles and ethical standards since we launched this Company andare committed to stick to the same. Without the satisfied clientele, there is no growth, and that is why we always put the expectations of our customers before everything else. It is with this high moral ground that we have managed to remain in business with even our pioneer investors; because with time we have given them reasons to trust us, and so can you.

Resourceful Networking:We are continuously workingwith our team to give excellent inter-personal experience to our clients, and persistently pursuing opportunities for growth. We have found this to be a sure way of growing and standing out in our industry.


About Us

Core Values

The TRIKAAL Advantage

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